Lesson 327 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to endanger; to place in danger; to imperil; to put at risk

2) v. to plan; to design; to imagine; to conceive; to envision; to visualize

3) v. to set some distance apart

4) v. to by-pass; to side-step; to evade

5) v. to fix; to repair; to correct; to calibrate; to adjust

6) v. to cover a hole with a piece of material; to use as a patch; to use to cover a hole

7) v. to adjust the focus of; to make clear; to concentrate; to bring into focus

8) v. to remove; to get rid of

9) v. to distract; to entertain; to turn in a different direction; to deflect

10) v. to pulicize; to promote; to draw attention to (in order to sell products or services); to announce publicly

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