Lesson 335 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. cut of meat; seal; trademark; blow of an axe

2) n. middle of the morning; before noon

3) n. series of names or items written or printed according to a certain order; roll; roster; inventory; edge; border; strip; band

4) n. duty; role; use; purpose; feature; convention; seminar; festive event; social occasion

5) n. communication; information; announcement; note; memo; communication transmitted through a messenger; intimation

6) n. quotation; official praise; summons to a court of law

7) n. managment committee (i.e.: board of directors); printed board which connects to a slot in a computer; food

8) n. good deal; agreement; item that has been bought at a specially low price

9) n. freedom; liberation; newly distributed film (or record, book, etc.); press release; statement provided to the media

10) n. flowing in; inflow; inward flow; place where a stream flows into another body of water

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