Lesson 337 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to continue; to suffice; to endure; to persist

2) v. to strengthen; to fortify; to support; to increase; to provide a reward or punishment in order to encourage or discourage a particular response (Psychology)

3) v. to agree; to concur; to confirm; to endorse

4) v. to lend a sum of money for a period of time; to give temporarily

5) v. to compel; to force; to reinforce; to oblige; to coerce; to emphasis; to stress

6) v. to give up; to renounce; to deny; to disavow; to retract

7) v. to include; to hold back; to restrain; to keep under control

8) v. to estimate; to appraise; to gauge; to evaluate; to measure; to establish the level of something

9) v. to labor; to act; to operate; to activate; to process; to succeed; to cause; to manage; to solve; to advance with difficulty

10) v. to answer adequately or successfully

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