Lesson 345 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. need; want; shortage; absence

2) n. lodging; dwelling

3) n. high ranking military officer

4) n. sudden need demanding immediate action

5) n. rule; command; supervision; restraint

6) n. aim; purpose, goal; objective case (Grammar)

7) n. one who donates money; person or organization that promotes or supports (an event, program, candidate, etc.); godparent

8) n. afternoon party where a light meal is served

9) n. mathematical value or its symbol; identifying numeral (e.g. of a house); indefinite amount; quantity of; sum, tally; act in a performance; musical piece; unit in a series; mathematics; quantity (Grammar); unique thing or person (Informal)

10) n. bar; long flat; surface (in a restaurant, kitchen, etc.); counting device

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