Lesson 347 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to have faith in; to think that something is true; to assume; to suppose; to take something for a fact

2) v. to surrender; to quit; to stop doing

3) v. to lead; to be in charge; to direct; to be at the front; to go in a certain direction

4) v. to escape; to keep away from; to prevent; to keep from happening; to evade

5) v. to make by machine; to produce; to crate; to make; to fabricate; to invent

6) v. to limit the amount of food eaten; to eat only certain kinds of food

7) v. to stop; to cause to stop; to pause; to hesitate; to be uncertain

8) v. to give; to submit; to do; to transform; to bring to a particular condition; to represent; to depict; to translate; to automatically create a three-dimensional picture according to a model within a computer (Computers)

9) v. to postpone; to dismiss from a job; to fire

10) v. to judge an object's value; to appraise; to assess; to guess; to have an opinion; to make a judgment

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