Lesson 35 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to plan; to scheme; to send; to dispatch; to throw; to cast; to screen (a film); to stick out; to overhang; to present; to relate (an image, idea, etc.); to protrude

2) v. to delay; to obstruct; to hinder; to prevent; to thwart

3) v. to extend; to lengthen

4) v. to channel; to centralize; to send through a funnel

5) v. to support; to provide for; to finance; to support from below; to nourish; to assist; to encourage; to comfort; to endure; to withstand; to prolong; to maintain; to preserve; to experience; to undergo; to uphold; to affirm; to confirm

6) v. to go on a journey; to go on a voyage; to move; to go from one place to another

7) v. to grant a lisence to an individual or group; to grant the right to vote

8) v. to demolish; to ruin; to destruct; to erase

9) v. to elevate; to lift; to excite; to arouse; to cause; to bring about; to grow; to cultivate

10) v. to back; to support; to finance; to subsidize; to promote

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