Lesson 367 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to make level; to smooth; to balance

2) v. to take away part of a whole; to remove; to deduct; to deduct one number from another (Mathematics)

3) v. to send; to convey; to transmit; to promote; to advance; to resend an email message that has been received

4) v. to bother; to trouble; to irritate; to disturb; to distress; to upset; to harras

5) v. to smooth wood; to make smooth; to remove rough areas

6) v. to pull; to drag

7) v. to place in; to put in; to add to

8) v. to design; to mold; to form; to direct; to be formed; to be molded

9) v. to accept; to use; to include; to surround; to belief; to attempt to sway the opinion of a judge or jury through bribery or threats; to hug; to hold tight

10) v. to continue; to carry on; to advance; to progress; to move forward

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