Lesson 377 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. a person who prepares food

2) n. esteem; respect; thought; consideration; look; glance; outward appearance; reference; relation; care; attention

3) n. house; dwelling; structure; premises

4) n. spoken or written words with which people communicate thoughts and feelings; specialized vocabulary; manner in which a person writes or speaks

5) n. stroke; blow; collision; success; popular event or production

6) n. furnace which burns things to ashes

7) n. company that is owned or controlled by another company

8) n. sofa; couch; large public waiting room; lobby; room in which cocktails are served; living room; slow walk; stroll

9) n. view; scenery; photograph of scenery; painting or drawing of scenery; horizontal page orientation

10) n. organic or chemical substance added to soil to enrich it (i.e. manure)

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