Lesson 383 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. drawing together; fold; pucker

2) n. number of people coming in and leaving (e.g. employees and customers); gross revenues; total business done; rate of selling or producing; change; reversal

3) n. trade; business; transactions; exchange of products/services and money

4) n. inheritan ce; bequest; something handed down from one's ancestors

5) n. firm decision, ruling; decisiveness; determination

6) n. return of money; repayment; reimbursement

7) n. person who falls prey (to an attack, deception, etc.)

8) n. assortment; kind; sort

9) n. portion of a wall or fence that opens and closes; any barrier which opens and closes; entrance; entryway; number of spectators at a show or event; passageway through which passengers board (a train, plane, boat, etc.)

10) n. commitment; obligation; period of employment; battle; fight; promise to marry

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