Lesson 387 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. impersonating; putting on a false appearance; pretending; feigning; arrogant; haughty

2) v. to embarrass; to mix up; to muddle up; to bewilder; to startle

3) v. to establish communication; to make a connection; to link to; to connect with

4) n. vagueness; lack of clarity

5) v. to change; to alter; to improve; to improve oneself

6) n. downward; descent; slope; ebb

7) adj. aware; awake; attentive

8) adj. mentioned earlier in the same text

9) v. to fasten with a strap; to tie with a narrow piece of leather; to beat with a strap; to lash

10) v. to move; to circulate; to draft; to assemble for action (especially armed reserves)

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