Lesson 389 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. exhibition; explanation; showing; display of public opinion (through a protest march, meeting or any other action); emotional display

2) n. advantage; profit; help; benefit

3) n. combination; conjunction; group; mixture

4) n. attitude; outlook; formal judgement or estimation

5) n. reminder; internal document

6) n. thin sheets of fibrous material used to write on; newspaper; article; essay; wallpaper; questionnaire

7) n. process of removing something from government control; transferal of ownership from government to private hands; privatization

8) n. part of a television or computer monitor where the picture is displayed; surface onto which films are projec ted; partition; divider; mesh for covering the openings of windows and doors; sieve; strainer; shelter; defense; camouflage; cover

9) n. sharp quick stroke; cut; wound; punctuation mark in the form of a diagonal line ( / ); reduction; decrease; small branches and other debris remaining after an area of forest has been cut

10) n. vacation; time off; authorization to do something; permission to be absent (from work, etc.); parting; departure; farewell

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