Lesson 397 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to entrust; to order; to command; to accuse; to fill with energy; to supply with power (i.e. a battery, accumulator, cell etc.)

2) v. to visit a store and purchase goods; to browse in a store; to inform on; to betray (British Slang)

3) v. to support; to solidify; to strengthen

4) v. to insert written information into the gaps on a form

5) v. to dare; to invite to engage in a contest; to stimulate; to test one's ability

6) v. to impregnate; to inseminate; to enrich the soil by the addition of organic or chemical substances

7) v. to work together; to cooperate

8) v. to solidify

9) v. to recover

10) v. to make familiar; to present someome; to introduce someone

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