Lesson 399 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. study session; exercise; assignment given to a student; something to be studied and learned; experience which brings knowledge or wisdom; scolding; rebuke

2) n. warning; alarm; attitude of readiness

3) n. series of remarks; explanation (often written in essay or book form)

4) n. person who is tested; candidate

5) n. act or process of collecting or conscripting (money, property, etc.) by a government or other authority; something which is collected through a levy

6) n. prevention; rejection; leaving out; keeping out; shutting out

7) n. base; fundament; substructe; establishing; institution; cosmetic cream used as a base for makeup

8) n. squandering; misuse; disuse; destruction; ruin; loss; desolation; wasteland; desert; refuse; rubbish; garbage; sewage

9) n. dossier for storing papers; directory; subdirectory of a disk or in which files are stored; person or things that folds

10) n. guidebook; library; catalog; subdivision of a disk in which files are stored (Computers); web portal site

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