Lesson 65 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. facing, across from; contrary; reverse; different; antithetical

2) adj. containing; comprehensive; all-embracing; extensive; taking in

3) adj. binding; compelling; must be done; necessary

4) adj. delicate; thin; flimsy; handsome; top-quality; excellent; sharp; sharpened; refined; purified; elegant

5) adj. intrinsic; existing as a natural and integral part; natural; inborn

6) adj. ready; attentive; quick; agile

7) adj. trifling; unimportant; insignificant; minor

8) adj. lazy; vain; futile; unoccupied; unemployed; groundless; without foundation; worthless; unimportant

9) adj. infinite; boundless

10) adj. lasting; enduring; perpetual; regular; fixed; invariable

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