Lesson 7 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to exercise; to use; to make an effort

2) v. togrant a country the right to administer a territory; to issue a command; to make an offical order

3) v. to have different opinions; to differ; opposite of to agree; to think in a different way than another person

4) v. to make or earn a total of (before taxes and other expenses)

5) v. to represent by chart; to draw a curve representing a given function

6) v. to behave; to manage; to transfer; to carry out; to transmit; to ensemble

7) v. to assess, to appraise, to determine value; to grade, to classify, to sort

8) v. to go in search of; to look for; to search for; to try to discover; to request; to try to obtain; to pursue; to try; to strive; to attempt

9) v. to vacillate; to waver; to vary; to change

10) v. to describe clearly; to indicate; to itemize; to mark; to designate; to stipulate

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