Lesson 77 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. newspaper; magazine; diary; record of daily occurrences; daybook; blog; bookkeeping ledger; daily record of official transactions

2) n. something that causes a person to act; cause; incentive; purpose; intention

3) n. finding fault; act of expressing displeasure; pleading entered by a plaintiff (Law)

4) n. obligation; responsibility; assignment; customs tax

5) n. confirmation; endorsement; positive opinion

6) n. place; position; situation; site; spot

7) n. tendency; character; nature; trait; arrangement; placement

8) n. customer; buyer; computer that serves as a terminal

9) n. beginning letter of a person's first name; first letter (as of a word)

10) n. written or spoken request for one's presence; summons; call; allurement; temptation; provocation

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