Lesson 401 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. panel containing buttons for connecting and disconnecting telephone or electrical circuits

2) v. to permit; to enable

3) n. chart showing the months of a year (including days and weeks); schedule; timetable

4) adj. safe; free from danger; protected; strong; stable; closed; locked; confident; not worried or concerned; assured; certain

5) n. source; beginning; birth; parentage; nationality

6) n. percentage of profits earned by a salesperson; document that grants certain powers; authorization; group of people with authority

7) n. meeting; conference; set; group of people; congregation

8) n. string; thin cord; spiral groove on a screw or bolt; chain of messages on a particular subject on the Interne t (Computers); execution procedure which is part of an application (Computers)

9) v. to move from one place to another; to convey; to relocate; to hand over; to pass on

10) n. list; evidence; best result ever attained (i.e. World Record); list of events or actions; list of previous criminal activity; phonograph; report; line in a database or spreadsheet that contains a complete set of information (Computers)

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