Lesson 405 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. large vessel made for sailing on the sea; aircraft; spacecraft

2) n. total number of people who subscribe to a particular publication

3) n. arrangement; plan; sketch; drawing; something which has been arranged

4) n. salesman; supplier; equipment salesman (for example in the field of computers, etc.); automatic machine for selling goods

5) n. garbage; refuse; scrap

6) n. concentration; consideration; focus; care; acknowledgement; recognition

7) n. equipment; gear (especially for fishing); device for lifting and lowering objects; tools; implements; instance of wrestling another player to the ground (Football)

8) n. quality; factor; characteristic; feature; adjective (grammar)

9) n. difficult situation; invitation to engage in a contest; something which tests ones's ability to handle difficult tasks

10) n. tag; sign; identification tag

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