Lesson 411 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. viewpoint, opinion; siting; locus; location; place; post, job; condition; situation; pose; stance; status of commitments on the market (Finance and Investment)

2) n. voyage; sightseeing excursion

3) n. topic; branch of studies; major; person or thing that is studied or examined; citizen; motive; doer of an action in a sentence; noun to which the verb phrase in a sentence refers (Grammar)

4) n. silence, noiselessness; stillness, tranquility; muteness, speechlessness; peacefulness, calmness

5) n. misfortune; hardship; distress; suffering

6) n. politeness; good manners; cordiality; civility

7) n. person who has the right to grant a lisence

8) n. person or organization that lends something; lender; loaner; moneylender

9) n. appraisal; estimation; assessment

10) n. toll; payment for services rendered; cost of admission; commission; feudal estate

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