Lesson 413 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. movable articles for use in a home or office (i.e. chairs, desks, cabinets, closets, etc.); accessories; appliances

2) n. aid; help, support; direction; upkeep

3) v. to encase; to review; to conceal completely underneath; to protect; to include; to insure

4) n. doubtfulness

5) v. to stress; to show the importance of

6) n. intimidation; constraint; pressure; coercion

7) v. to move back and forth; to swing to and fro; to lean in a certain direction; to be inclined toward; to be sympathetic to; to hesitate; to cause to swing; to influence; to affect the opinion or actions of

8) v. to impose; to cause something unpleasant

9) v. to command; to request something; to arrange; to manage

10) adj. feasible; workable; applicable; useful; efficacious; can be put to use

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