Lesson 419 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to sway to and fro; to fluctuate; to hesitate; to waver

2) v. to make better; to increase in quality; to enhance; to become better; to evolve; to develop; to fix up; to repair; to increase the value of; to take advantage of; to make good use of; to recuperate

3) v. to calculate; to think; to assume; to portray; to depict; to express verbally; to adorn with figures or patterns; to express in numercial digits; to embellish

4) v. to tolerate; to be patient

5) v. to motivate; to stimulate; to provoke; to influence; to encourage; to cause

6) v. to indicate; to signal; to write down; to record; to notice; to check accurary of work and allot a grade; to distinguish

7) v. to perform; to put into effect; to carry out; to execute; to realize; to equip with tools

8) v. to understand; to comprehend; to grasp

9) v. to call off; to repeal; to revoke; to annul; to terminate; to stop

10) v. to show; to point out; to mark; to signify; to imply; to exhibit; to reveal; to suggest

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