Lesson 423 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to comply; to obey; to submit; to conform; to stay; to live; to tolerate; to continue; to tolerate; to wait

2) n. act of paying back; repayment; compensation for a loss; repayment for an expense

3) n. center; hub; concentration

4) n. one piece garment made of trousers and a piece of cloth that covers the chest and has shoulder straps (originally worn to protect clothes while working)

5) v. to crack; to become defective; to become cracked

6) n. person who takes part in a particular event such as a conference or seminar; participant

7) n. one who makes a journey

8) v. to rotate; to turn; to spin; to encircle; to move in a circle around a central point; to think about; to contemplate

9) n. something which has been bought; act of buying

10) v. to think over; to think carefully about something; to believe; to regard; to take into account

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