Lesson 425 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to think; to consider logically; to support a claim with reasons; to justify by giving reasons; to argue; to claim

2) v. to examine; to investigate; to inspect; to scrutinize to verify; to pause; to stop

3) v. to support a proposal or statement; to support or side with another person; to endorse; to approve; to help; to assist

4) v. to convey a fluid; to transport a liquid; to make a high-pitched sound

5) v. to gather together; to put together; to collect; to converge; to get together; to arrange; to meet

6) v. to modify; to adapt; to tune; to fit; to install; to arrange; to settle

7) v. to throw; to project; to form; to shape; to mold; to choose actors, singers or entertainers (for a play, movie, show, music project, etc.)

8) v. to go ashore from a boat; to leave a plane or vehicle; to land

9) v. to endeavor; to try hard; to compete; to struggle; to resist

10) v. to create; to produce; to bring into being

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