Lesson 435 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to come to a sum; to become; to total

2) adv. immediately; momentarily

3) n. new member of a group; one who is newly enlisted or drafted into the armed forces

4) v. to place one thing on top of another in a heap; to pile

5) n. cessation; end; visit; place at which someone or something stops; plug; obstacle; hindrance; lens aperture (Photography); device or movement that changes the sound of a note (Music)

6) v. to authorize; to appoint as representative; to pass a duty or responsibility on to someone else

7) adj. complete; not in pieces; full; entire; including every part; healthy; well

8) v. to fly at a great height; to glide; to fly upward; to ascend; to increase; to rise

9) n. force of movement; product of the mass of a body of matter multiplied by its velocity (Physics, Mechanics); strength or motivation derived from an initial effort

10) n. risky undertaking; enterprise whose results are not certain; business undertaking which promises to bring great profit but involves a good deal of risk; amount invested or wagered

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