Lesson 439 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to cause; to bring about; to set in motion; to influence; to persuade; to impel; to infer; to deduce; to derive a general proposition from certain facts

2) v. to assign a rank to; to give a mark to; to organize; to classify; to make level; to evaluate; to assess

3) n. celebration; feast; dinner; drinking

4) n. amount of money received in payment for goods or services or from other sources; revenue; profits

5) adj. obligated; engaged; industrious; ambitious; loyal

6) adj. unable to wait; intolerant; restless

7) v. to buy; to acquire in exchange for money; to procure; to obtain

8) n. collection of written records; use of written records as evidence

9) v. to list; to describe; to specify; to assign; to delegate; to enumerate

10) n. examination of financial accounts; internal investigation

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