Lesson 441 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to spring back

2) conj. as soon as

3) n. device for electronically transmitting written material; document sent by fax

4) n. painstaking labor; careful planning; adding of extra details; act of improving; production

5) adj. spreading over a large area; comprehensive

6) v. to think over; to ponder; to contemplate; to heat and spice for drinking (usually wine or cider)

7) v. to present for the first time; to acquaint one person with another; to bring to the notice of; to institute; to initiate; to establish; to announce; to preface; to commence; to insert

8) v. to feign; to impersonate; to put on a false show; to create a false appearance; to claim wrongly; to make a false assertion

9) v. to substantiate with evidence; to demonstrate; to show clearly; to investigate; to analyze; to experiment; to test

10) v. to experience; to endure

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