Lesson 447 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. business of sending or transporting cargo; sea voyage (Archaic)

2) v. to invent; to create; to contrive; to think up

3) adj. extreme; intense; severe

4) n. realization; bringing into being; performance; completion; gratification; satisfaction

5) adj. being such in power or effect though not formally recognized; imaginary; hypothetical; computer simulated

6) n. part of the body containing the brain; mind; understanding; leader; person in authority; top; top manager; forefront

7) adj. splendid; majestic; superb; glorious; impressive

8) v. to receive; to obtain; to purchase; to take; to understand; to arrive; to come; to become; to cause; to bring; to persuade

9) v. to treat; to adapt; to prepare; to make ready

10) v. to gain entrance to; to get at

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