Lesson 451 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to attract; to pull; to pull out; to sketch; to depict with lines; to describe with words; to move towards; to suck in; to conclude; to drain; to strech out; to pick randomly; to be given randomly; to shrink by contraction; to disembowel

2) v. to be unsuccessful; to make unsuccessful; to not do; to be weakened; to disappoint; to go bankrupt; to be stopped; to be used up; to run out

3) v. to perform a thorough investigation; to study a subject closely

4) v. to excel; to rise above

5) v. eject; drive out; banish

6) v. to infer; to conjecture; to guess; to presume

7) v. to pay to; to hire; to employ

8) v. to spice; to flavor; to accustom; to acclimatize; to cause another person to become experienced; to become experienced; to dry wood in preparation for use

9) v. to prize; to esteem; to cherish; to assess; to estimate; to appraise

10) v. to advance; to move forward; to gain

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