Lesson 453 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. tanned and preserved animal skin from which the hair or fur has been removed; item made of tanned and preserved animal skin

2) n. something which happens unexpectedly and unintentionally and which often damages something or injures someone; casualty; incident

3) n. supply; stock; means of accomplishing a goal; expedient; ability to deal effectively with various situations

4) n. enchantment; affection; adoration

5) v. to indicate; to emphasize; to sharpen; to direct

6) adv. separately; aside; into pieces

7) v. to mark as different; to see as different; to discern; to recognize

8) v. to reproduce quickly; to multiply rapidly; to thrive; to grow quickly

9) n. geometric figure having four equal sides; something shaped like a square; open area in a town or city; plaza; exponent of 2; tool with straight edges and a right angle; conservative person (Slang)

10) adj. owed; payable; right; fitting; suitable; adequate; should arrive at a specific time; scheduled

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