Lesson 471 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to be short of; to be without; to be missing; to need; to want

2) v. to form a relationship with another person (as in to take a child as one's own); to embrace (an idea, method, belief etc.)

3) v. to determine the scope of a target; to extend; to stretch; to vary; to fluctuate within certain boundaries

4) v. to duplicate; to imitate

5) v. to advise; to instruct; to coach; to advocate

6) v. to signify; to be significant; to intend; to indicate

7) v. to outlaw; to forbid by law; to interdict; to enjoin; to ban; to prevent; to hinder

8) v. to make clear; to explain

9) v. to originate from; to reveal the origin of something; to obtain from a particular supplier

10) v. to act; to function; to manage; to use; to activate; to perform surgery

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