Lesson 473 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. combining of separate elements into a complete whole; formation of a compound through the combination of simpler components (Chemistry); deductive logic

2) v. to work as an employee (i.e. in the legal or bank business)

3) v. to exercise; to train; to drill; to repeat an activity several times in order to improve performance; to observe; to follow the customs (of religion, etc.); to specialize in a profession; to engage in a profession (medicine, law, etc.)

4) n. theme; subject of conversation

5) adj. characterized by a high degree; highly concentrated

6) n. educational meeting devoted to a particular topic; advanced academic course requiring a large amount of independent research; meeting of an advanced academic course which requires a large amount of independent research

7) v. to draw attention; to captivate; to fascinate

8) n. increase in salary; wage increase

9) v. to hurry; to make haste; to act or move quickly; to cause to hurry

10) n. total number of people living in an area

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