Lesson 477 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. explanation; illustration; instruction

2) n. seriousness; industriousness

3) n. person who is authorized to perform a certain action; representative; factor; cause

4) n. act of introducing; act of acquainting one person with another; preface; introductory manual

5) n. emphasis; importance; accent; emphasis placed on a syllable of a word; strain; tension; pressure; condition caused by physical or emotional strain

6) n. narration; act of telling; kinsman; family member; connection; association; connection between two persons; relationship

7) n. something that is the same of the same level

8) n. owner of a flower shop; person who makes flower arrangements

9) n. profit; assest; achievement; addition; increase; benefit; advantage

10) n. sciences of the industrial arts; applied sciences; technical methods and processes

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