Lesson 479 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to fail to perform a duty; to fail to pay on time; to fail to appear in court

2) adj. ordinary; common; skilled; close; intimate; well-known; informal

3) n. slow economy, period characterized by a decline in the gross domestic product during two or more consecutive quarters; ebb, decline; withdrawal; act of receding

4) n. sending of cargo or freight; cargo or freight that is transported

5) adj. capable of existing together in harmony; congruous; able to be used with other machines without alternation; able to be used on or with other computers without being changed

6) n. hurt; wound; harm; damage; insult; offense

7) adj. lower; under

8) n. end; conclusion; last edition of a newspaper

9) v. to be involved; to join in

10) v. to advance; to encourage; to promote; to assist

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