Lesson 487 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to sell something through a bidding system

2) v. to collect and set aside for future use; to amass; to accumulate; to put in storage; to place in a warehouse; to supply; to equip; to stock

3) v. to stir up; to arouse feelings; to provoke; to stimulate

4) v. to arrange systematically; to structure; to group; to sort; to make confidential

5) v. to count; to equal in amount; to limit; to allot; to be included in (a specific group); to total; to add up to

6) v. to locate; to place in a particular site

7) v. to draw out to the full length; to extend; to elongate; to be extended; to reach out; to pull; to make taut; to strain; to be pulled; to be elongated; to lie down; to extend over a certain period of time; to span

8) v. to represent; to indicate; to communicate; to express; to convey; to have importance; to have significance

9) v. to inspect; to supervise; to miss; to omit; to ignore; to excuse

10) v. to criticize; to assess; to determine; to rule; to act as a judge

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