Lesson 489 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to cause to remember

2) v. to send away; to to fire; to release; to free

3) v. to destroy; to ruin; to tear down; to remove

4) v. to steal from a pocket; to profit; to roll a ball into a hole (Billiards)

5) v. to require that certain conditions be met before the signing of a contract; to specify; to require; to promise; to guarantee (regarding a contract)

6) v. to tend to; to attend; to work; to perform a duty or task; to worship; to function as; to offer; to present; to fulfill a term (of punishment, military service, etc.); to deliver; to provide; to mate with; to service (animals)

7) v. to fail; to collapse; to defeat; to overthrow; to descend

8) v. to trade; to plan for and promote for sales of; to maket goods

9) v. to cushion; to fill; to fill out; to walk; to go by foot

10) v. to refine; to improve; to complete; to make faultless

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