Lesson 493 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. conversational; not used in formal speaking or writing; informal

2) adj. higher in rank or position; above average; exceptional; better or greater than; supercilious; conceited

3) v. to choose; to vote for; to prefer; to decide

4) adj. unbearable; cannot be done; cannot be endured

5) adj. immediate; regular; common; usual; plain; simple; standard

6) adj. whole; healthy; in good condition; sane; firm; having a solid foundation; secure; valid; reasonable; thorough; moral; trustworthy; having common sense; conservative

7) n. person or company that produces and distributes printed material

8) n. housemaid; servant; housekeeper

9) adj. concentrated; fixed; focused; determined; resolute; purposeful

10) n. bundle; parcel; container for storage or transportation; wrapping or packaging for sale or merchandise; inseparable combination of items

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