Lesson 497 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. system of knowledge gained by systematic research and organized into general laws; specific field of systematic knowledge; skill; proficiency

2) n. time when a project; assignment; task or job must be completed or turned in

3) v. to originate; to create; to design; to fabricate; to concoct

4) adj. strongly desiring; keen; fervently interested

5) pref. related to by the remarriage of a parent and not by blood

6) n. harvest; produce (Agriculture); group; whip; short haircut

7) v. to say something aloud for somebone to write down; to command; to order; to impose

8) v. to rent out property for a specific period of time; to let; to possess or occupy under the terms of a lease

9) n. signature on a money order such as a check

10) n. act of providing; provision; something that is supplied; reserve; stock; quantity of a commodity available for purchase (Economics)

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