Lesson 499 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. record of points in a game; act of earning a point; group of twenty items; debt; account; bill; sheet music showing the music for all parts and instruments at once; notch; stroke; cut; grade on a test; achievement; grudge

2) n. inherent nature of something; spirit; central or outstanding characteristic; extract obtained from a plant or other substance

3) n. defense; shelter; safety; act of safeguarding; act of defending

4) n. deliverance; act of saving from danger or injury; act of freeing from risk

5) n. property; financial means; assets; property; main city of a country of region (city where national or regional government is located, i.e.: London is the capital of the UK)

6) n. large room used for lectures; talks, performances and other events

7) n. act of inventing; something invented; creativity; resourcefulness; fabrication; falsehood

8) n. conversion; stock market; trade; barter; act of giving something in return for something else, conversation

9) n. graphic symbol which represents a company or organization

10) n. lift; mechanical apparatus for moving people or items from floor to floor within a building

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