Lesson 503 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to have a price; to require payment; to set a price

2) v. to appeal; to summon; to invoke; to impore

3) v. to act as master of ceremonies; to receive guests into one's home; to give a party

4) v. to help; to assist; to promote; to be beneficial to

5) v. to cause to be concerned with; to entangle; to engage; to engross; to complicate; to incriminate

6) v. to submit; to consent; to obey; to agree with

7) v. to send; to dispatch; to transport by airplane, truck, etc.); to embark

8) v. to try to get; to attempt to get

9) v. to attach firmly; to fasten tightly

10) v. to dress; to adorn wear

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