Lesson 505 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. formally or socially imposed standards of dress, especially in a company; the way employees of a company are dressed at work

2) n. probability; chance; feasibility; possibility

3) n. richness; prosperity; property; resources; capital; fortune; abundance

4) n. machine which supplies force and motion; motor; truck; locomotive; part of a program which handles certain types of date (as in a search engine)

5) n. slight difference; subtle distinction

6) n. establisher; person who establishes a company, organization or channel; person who gives authorization to operate a channel

7) n. deletion; act of unmarking; removal of a mark from a check box (Computers)

8) n. problem; misfortune; annoyance; civil disturbance; cause of worry; exe rtion in accomplishing something

9) n. prediction of a future event or condition (i.e. development of the economy)

10) n. choosing; time when people vote for a political candidate

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