Lesson 507 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to make up for a deficiency; to add on to

2) v. to examine; to investigate; to check closely; to inspect (also scrutinize)

3) v. to be; to turn into; to develop into; to grow into; to be worthy of; to be suitable

4) v. to set free; to liberate; to emancipate; to loosen a hold; to unfasten; to make available to the general public; to surrender; to give up (Law)

5) v. to survey; to conduct a general study; to inspect; to examine; to reconsider; to rethink

6) v. to bring up to date; to modernize; to make current

7) v. to interpret incorrectly; to comprehend incorrectly

8) v. to receive; to agree; to consent

9) v. to cover; to hide

10) v. to ask for an identification (i.e. in a bar)

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