Lesson 509 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. amount that is determined by adding two or more numbers; whole amount; entire quantity; unspecified amount; essence; gist; group of numbers to be added up; summary

2) adj. proficient; skilled; expert

3) adj. credible; trustworthy; dependable

4) v. to oversee; to administer; to direct; to manage; to watch over

5) v. to supply with stock; to equip with supplies (esp. food)

6) adj. productive; efficient; in operation; impressive; striking

7) n. small room; piece of office furniture; office; group of ministers; part of a government

8) adj. honest; straightforward; open; frank

9) n. honesty; fairness; justice

10) n. commonplace activity; everyday task; habit; custom; practice; procedure that is always the same; part of a computer program containing instructions for a particular task (Computers)

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