Lesson 511 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to prepare a financial plan; to make financial arrangements

2) n. cause; basis for action; intelligence; sense

3) n. manufacture; assembly; output;, yield; process of publicizing a motion picture (or play, television program, etc.)

4) adj. well-versed; proficient; skilled

5) n. group of objects that are related to each other; selection; choice; assortment; accumulation

6) n. fracture; pause; rest; intermission; crack; opportunity; alteration

7) adj. ruling; supervising; regulating; managing; restraining

8) n. area of fabric used to repair a hole; stain; bandage; lot; plot of land; small repair to a program which adds or changes only a small part of the program (Computers)

9) v. to derive; to conclude; to guess; to surmise; to hint

10) n. course or method of action; guidelines; position; standpoint; insurance contract

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