Lesson 513 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to open; to extend; to apply a layer on; to scatter; to distribute; to stretch out; to set a table; to arrange dishes and utensils on a table; to flatten

2) v. to control; to arrange; to put in order

3) v. to rebroadcast

4) adj. markedly different; contrasting

5) n. something which annoys or aggravates

6) v. to seek to please; to flatter; to seek to gain the affections of someone

7) n. suitcases; cases and bags carried by travellers

8) n. system for prompt transportation of people or parcels; dispatch conveyed by special messenger; messenger sent on special errand

9) v. to avoid; to run away; to shrink

10) n. strenuous physical or mental work; toil; exertion; job or work that must be accomplished; work-force; workers; working class

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