Lesson 515 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. equal weight or power acting in opposition

2) n. casing; skeleton; structure; body structure; mood; picture in a film

3) n. person who represents people in a court or advises them on legal matters; attorney; barrister

4) n. volume; mass; main part; most

5) n. one of many leaves in collection of papers (e.g. page of a book); piece of paper; attendant; servant; large portion of memory permanently set aside for random access (Computers)

6) n. heap; tall bookshelf; chimney; (Computers) area in memory where information can be stored and then retrieved in the reverse order; (Internet) layers of the open system interconnection used to transfer information

7) n. report on current economic conditions, published by the Federal Reserve Board

8) n. schedule; outline of things to be done

9) n. right to live in a country; condition of being a member of a country

10) n. mission; assignment; obligation; role; burden; load

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