Lesson 523 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to try; to live through; to feel; to endure

2) v. to prosper; to flourish; to succeed

3) v. to store in a warehouse

4) v. to proclaim; to make a statement; to make a full statement of (one's taxable or dutiable property)

5) v. to talk about; to debate; to converse

6) v. to throw away; to discard; to destroy; to damage; to assault; to beat up; to criticize severely; to disparage

7) v. to measure the heaviness of (an object, proposition, etc.); to consider; to be of a particular heaviness; to burden; to be significant in influencing a decision; to lift an anchor

8) v. to profit; to gain; to be advantageous

9) v. to treat someone new in a humiliating manner; to harass; to humiliate

10) v. to risk; to gamble; to finance; to underwrite; to mark off a boundary using stakes; to tie to a stake

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