Lesson 527 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. instrument for use in attack or defense in combat (i.e. sword, gun, claws, etc.); any means used to fight with (i.e. skill, wit, etc.)

2) n. colorful fabric with a pattern of square s and crossbars

3) n. contamination; desecration; dirtying; soiling; spoiling; destruction

4) n. being physically present; act of accompanying or serving

5) n. price reduction; rebate

6) n. restriction; force; limitation; limit

7) n. track, path; customary series of stops during a trip; path taken by a data package sent from one point on the Internet to another (Computers)

8) n. negative tendency (especially in economy or business)

9) n. picture; snapshot; image

10) n. seclusion, solitude, reclusion; state of being private, secrecy, confidentiality; freedom from harassment or disturbance

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