Lesson 535 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. exchanging of goods and services; trade

2) n. effort; nuisance

3) n. group of ships, cars, trucks or other vehicles

4) n. rule enacted by a community or country; body of rules by which order and justice is maintained; study of laws; legal profession; custom; principle; convention

5) n. detail; individual characteristic; item; article; specific proposition (Logic)

6) n. organization; society; union; coalition; foundation, connection of ideas; relation between facts

7) n. small rough granules or particles (i.e. sand); bravery; pluck; endurance

8) n. written order for a medication; instruction; directive; order; command

9) n. growth; expansion; addition; enlargement; escalation; reproduction

10) n. something that is out of the ordinary; anomaly; objection; opposition

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