Lesson 539 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. journals and newspapers collectively; act or process of printing; roller used to flatten or straighten objects; pressure, act of pressing

2) n. enjoyment; amusement; entertainment; delight; joy

3) n. person who depends on another person for financial or emotional support (especially a child or minor)

4) n. reform; repair; act of repairing; state of healing or improvement

5) n. apprehension; worry; doubt; hesitation; reservation

6) n. office table; piece of furniture which serves as a place to write, work, read, study, etc.

7) n. good friend; acquaintance

8) n. protective coating, coating that inhibits an effect or reaction (such as paint which prevents the rusting of metal)

9) n. abuse; molestation

10) n. opinion; creed; religion; faith; conviction

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