Lesson 543 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. exertion of force; application of weight; weight; burden; encumbrance

2) n. strength; power; force; bravery

3) n. state of having committed a crime or offense; culpability; feeling of having done something wrong

4) n. end; completion; conclusion; polish; something which completes or perfects

5) n. act of making changes; alteration; proof sheet made to verify changes made and check for additional errors

6) n. vacillation; instability; wavering; inconstancy; change

7) n. series (of stories, articles, reports etc.); recurring period of time

8) n. option; selection; variety

9) n. computer which can serve many users simultaneously

10) n. statement which denies responsibility or affiliation; act of disclaiming; repudiation; renouncing of a claim; denial

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